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Artist Statement:

"Famous Faces"

Quietly observing the chaos around me; I’m fascinated by the simplicity, and yet the overall complexity of the world.

With influences as diverse as Elton John, and Clint Eastwood, my "Famous Faces," series juxtapositions representational art with the fluidity, and vulnerability of abstract-expressionism.

Vivid splashes of color, along with hyper-kinetic brushwork create dynamic combinations that are synthesized from both opaque, and transparent layers debased into a prestige manifesto. 

I reconnoiter the relentless credo of Pop-culture, and the emotional reminiscence of celebrity icons from decades past; leaving only a sense of decadence, and the chance of a new understanding.

As momentary derivatives become frozen through emergent, and various exercise, the viewer is left with a subtle clue to cultures that are fading away...

- Matthew R. Paden, 2019

Artist Statement:


Is an unapologetic exploration of the female form. I invite the viewer to a sensual world full of color, texture, and expression.

The brush is merely a starting point on this creative visual journey to unknown destinations.

With influences from French modernism to more contemporary pinup art; this unorthodox aesthetic blends sensual imagery with a raw, chaotic style of manipulated colors.​

"Exposed," is not meant to be overshadowed by eroticism nor is it obligated to modesty, so it’s not for the timid.

By design, these paintings appeal to select collectors: viewers who engage emotionally, and intellectually, seeking inspiration rather than being told what to think.

To explore a genre, we must change it by contributing something new; competence, ideas, and passion alone are not enough...

- Matthew R. Paden, 2019