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Oklahoma Artist, Matthew R. Paden

Why Do I Paint?


"I have always loved art — seeing it, learning about it, experiencing it, and creating it. Perhaps, it is the unbridled freedom in expressing, and questioning the often-chaotic world around me.


I paint because it feeds my soul when words fail, colors, and brash brush strokes upon a canvas convey an understanding at a deeper level. Doing something that I love, something that allows me to explore, and be in the moment, to experience the world in a fundamentally different way — is such a precious gift. 

I will always strive to create art that sparks conversation, captivates the senses, and most importantly, questions the value we place on the superficial. Over the course of my career, I hope to continue showing my Spontaneous Realism paintings in galleries worldwide; however, I must state that fostering direct relationships with my collectors and giving back to the community is a strong priority."

My Color Philosophy

"Color, texture, and other visual cues are used to elicit visceral and emotional reactions from viewers in my work. My belief is that art stimulates empathy more readily than words. By incorporating a mix of representational subject matter and fluidity of an abstract background, my paintings serve as both an emotional release and an escape from reality.​

I am particularly drawn to the study of color psychology -- colors are combined in my work using a variety of brushes and palette knives. For me, a painting is a delicate balance of tension and harmony. With intention, several contrasting elements are incorporated into my work. It's this push-pull dynamic that intrigues me as an artist.

In general, when I begin a painting, I have no idea what I will accomplish. My approach tends to be intuitive or reactionary. I respond to every mark I make. By doing this, I am able to share with the viewer my inner-psyche."

- Matthew R. Paden

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