Brimming with undeniable passion, imagination and savvy tips, "Journey - An Artist Guidebook," provides young and new artists fresh ways to navigate the often turbulent waters of becoming a professional artist through the personal twenty-three year expedition of award-winning artist, Matthew R. Paden a.k.a. (The Savvy Artist).



About The Author

Matthew R. Paden, is an award-winning, contemporary abstract artist, art blogger, and art coach from Oklahoma. Originally from the northwest, Paden paints in a style known as Spontaneous Realism. He lives with his beautiful wife and adorable nine-month-old daughter, Ember who defianlty keeps them on their toes.



100 pages FULL of guided information

  • Prologue - The Savvy Artist Story
  • Honing and nurturing Your Creative Niche
  • Your Soul is Begging You to Listen
  • Dealing With Rejection by Harvesting Your Rhino Skin
  • Artist "Block" What Is It, and How To Overcome It?
  • Reinvent Yourself With Dynamic Branding
  • Acquiring Your First Gallery Show
  • Marketing Mayhem: Tell The World About Your Art
  • Epilogue
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An Artist Guidebook
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