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Oklahoma Artist, Matthew R. Paden

Matthew R. Paden is an award-winning American abstract artist and art blogger based in Northeast Oklahoma. He currently lives with his beautiful wife and daughter.

Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Paden's large scale Spontaneous Realism paintings are collected by individuals across the United States.


In the summer of 2017, Matt formed his fine art brand Savvy Palette, but has been on his dynamic art journey since 1997 when he took first place in the state of Oregon for his painting entitled, "Victory Touchdown " which went on to be displayed in the Nations Capitol for a year.

Paden approaches his subjects with as few preconceived notions as possible, allowing viewers the space to collaborate with the moment. His goal is honesty—to look at things as they are without judgment. The result is something that is at once observant and intimate. 

Paring down aesthetics, he relies on gestures, color, form, and composition to heighten the subtle nuances of people and places in a simple yet revealing style. This mix of intention and intuition brings depth and mystery to his colorful pieces; suggesting life beyond the canvas.

Discover more about the artist HERE: 

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