Matthew R. Paden is an award-winning contemporary abstract artist living in Oklahoma with his beautiful wife and daughter, Matt's larger-than-life pieces astonish in both private and public exhibits.


Specializing in Spontaneous Realism, Paden often uses vivid and expressive colors with lots

of palette knife texture to create the strikingly evocative acrylic pieces.

From his atmospheric “Utopia” series, to the eminently realistic “Famous Faces”, the artist masterly captures the subtlest of emotions and delicate moody intricacies.

Despite his diverse choice of subjects, Matt’s body of work is united in its ability to evoke emotion and awe in the viewer, with precise details etched amongst broad yet perfectly executed brushstrokes.


"Famous Faces"

"Quietly observing the chaos around me; I’m fascinated by the simplicity, yet the overall complexities of the world.

With diverse influences as Elton John and Clint Eastwood, my "Famous Faces," Spontaneous Realism series juxtapositions representational art with fluidity and vulnerability apparent in abstract expressionism. Splashes of vivid color along with dynamic brushwork fuse vigorous combinations synthesized from opaque and transparent layers enhanced into a prestige manifesto. 


By reconnoiter the relentless credo of Pop-culture and the emotional reminiscence of celebrity icons from decades past. Only leaving a sense of decadence and the chance for a new understanding. As momentary derivatives become static through emergent and various practice, the keen observer is left with a subtle clue to cultures that are fading away."


- Matthew R. Paden, 2019


1st. Vice President/Show Chair


October 2020 - Current




​July - December 2020

Carpe Artem Gallery, Oklahoma City

June 27th - 28th

OK Art Crawl - OVAC

Chickasha, OK 

June 6th  - June 27th, 2020

Steve Liggett Studio, Tulsa, OK

Poetica Erotica - "Enchanted"

June 2019

Steve Liggett Studio, Tulsa, OK

First Annual Tulsa Erotic Art Show -

"Sensual Chaos"


May 2019

Water's Edge Winery - Oklahoma City, OK "Bold & Vivid"

February 2019

A.C.T. Gallery, Tahlequah, Oklahoma -

"Erotic Art Show" 

January 2019

A.C.T. Gallery, Tahlequah, Oklahoma -

"Tri-County Art Show" 

February 2003

Art Institute of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ

"Into The Sunset"

February 2002

Art Institute of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ

"Expressions of Blue"

January 1997

Congressional Art Competition, Washington, D.C. -

"Victory Touchdown" 

October 1996

Congressional Art Competition, Salem, Oregon -

"Victory Touchdown"

November 1995

Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR


November 2018 - May 2020

"Famous Faces," Oklahoma City

Water's Edge Winery

October 2018

"Vivid Visions," Oklahoma City -

Water's Edge Winery


"Inspired," 10-Piece Series 

Trevor Yarrish, ​Grants Pass, OR


October 2003

Art Institute, Phoenix, AZ

Best In Show

June 2002

Art Institute, Phoenix, AZ

2nd Place

January 1996

Congressional Art Competition,

Salem, OR - First Place 

November 1995

Oregon State University

Honorable Mention


Muskogee Phoenix, Muskogee, OK

May 2019

Tahlequah Daily Press,

Tahlequah, OK - February 2019

Denver Westworld, Denver, CO

June 2009

Portland Tribune, Portland, OR

May 2007

Willamette Week, Portland, OR

October 2006

KVAL News, Eugene, OR

April 2005

Phoenix, Gazette, Phoenix, AZ

July 2003



Mid-Del Art Guild 

Oklahoma City - January 2021

Carpe Artem

Oklahoma City - November 2020

Mid-Del Art Guild 

Midwest City, Oklahoma - March 2020

Mid-Del Art Guild 

Midwest City, Oklahoma - February 2020

Muskogee Art Guild

Muskogee, Oklahoma - May 2019

A.C.T. Gallery

 Tahlequah, Oklahoma - April 2019

A.C.T. Gallery 

Tahlequah, Oklahoma - February 2019

Community College Colorado

Denver, CO - October 2009

Lane Community College

Eugene, OR - April 2007

Phoenix, AZ School District

Phoenix, AZ - February 2002


Trever Yarrish, Oregon

"Inspired" series, July 2020 - July 2021


Danny Phillips, Program Chair-Mid-Del Art Guild

"Groovin' Free Together," April 2020


Absentee Shawnee Cultural Preservation Department "Untamed," July 2018



OVAC - Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition

Mid-Del Art Guild


Savvy Palette commissions make unique, and elegant gifts, suited for any sophisticated collectors.

From large scale impact pieces for commercial projects, to personal custom paintings for family bespoke collection, Matt welcomes your custom art commissions!

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